Zoe Clare, also known under her business name “Enixy”, is a digital Illustrator/artist from the Mornington Peninsula, Victoria.

Originally influenced by Japanese anime and manga at a young age, Zoe became known for her large eyed colourful characters, and satire comics and illustrations.


In 2012, Zoe completed a Diploma in Illustration at Chisholm, and went on to finish her Advanced Diploma in Creative Product design the following year. It recent years, she has travelled the country exhibiting her art at various expo's and markets in order to promote her artworks, zines and comics. She is now branching out into animation, and is currently studying a Bachelor of Design (Animation and Interactive Media) at RMIT, while freelancing part time.  

If you would like to know a little more, please download a CV, and feel free to pop in an email.


© 2017 illustrations and artwork by Zoe Clare

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